Pull Chair

Pull Chair|exercise machines for home

      Model : FUNFIT0101
      Dimension : 160*75*220cm


To build up the strength of upper limbs and shoulder muscle group, improve flexibility, mobility and coordination of shoulder joint and ankle joint. Suitable for people suffering with joint ache and upper limbs, lower limbs and of motion discomfort and functional disorder of bending outdoor gym equipment for parks,outdoor gym equipment for parks india.


Sit on the seat with back leading on the seat back and pull the handle downward. Then get back to home position. Repeat this movement for abput 10-15 minutes.

Swing legs from side to side.


Great for warming up and down. Strengthens lowerabdomen, hips and thighs. Also improves balance and co-ordination.


Hands should hold the handles firmly and turn the body.Repeat this movement in case of injury.

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