1. Funfitindia aims in Making the Human race come out of their stereotypical Lifestyle by creating advancement in the technicality of the Exercising Machinery. This is what we cherish and nurture at a Philanthropic platform for every individual when it comes to Gymming. Not only exercising our bodies but also relieving the mind from the strenuous exercising modules by setting an alluring outside platform is what we desire to behold in the long run of our odyssey towards setting the best aesthetic Gyms !!
  2. Setting up the most “Eye Catchy” and “Out of the Box Aesthetic Gyms” which will not only create an impact on the bodies but also generate the essence of Serendipity in an individual is what we look forward in our so-called Journey of “FUNFITINDIA.”



  1. Reaching out more and more to the Common man in a way that creates the most thrusted impact on every individual. This will not only Boost their Health but at the same time also prevent an individual from a plethora of ailments. 
  2. Leveraging the Health and Lifestyle of an individual in terms of Outside Gymming so that one need not suffer more from the Routine maladies, rather feel the augmentation in their 360 degrees Health Development.



At FUNFIT INDIA, we are committed to devoting the Best Quality Lifestyle based on the extreme Leveraging of the Technicality of the Gym Machinery. With the keynote to create the “Best out of the Rest”, when it comes to Gymming, our Equipment is designed to the utmost based on the following parameters :

  • Every machinery is designed in a way such that the equipment (machinery) do not have sharp edges. Starting from each and every minor part, these are framed in a curved manner which provides Maximum and Ultimate protection to our “Gymmies.”
  • Commencing from each and every part of the Machinery, which is molded from the Galvanized Iron, not only does it impart a Long term Durability, but also is the equipment finished with Powdered Coating. As a result, these equipment do not get vulnerable to the typical Rusting process.
  • Funfitindia has been OTABU CERTIFIED as meeting the requirements of 1SO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System guidelines.
  • Beyond this, we have been OTABU CERTIFIED as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System guidelines.
  • Apart from this and Finally, it is also our gratitude to convey that we have met successfully the guidelines of ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System.