Big Arm Wheel

Model: FUNFIT0103

Dimension: 73*92*188cm


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strength of shoulder muscle


To build up the strength of shoulder muscle group, improve the flexibility of the shoulder joint, dredge sit meridians of upper limb and improve functions of entrails. Suitable for people of TORP (Total Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis) of shoulder joint and disturbance of activity.gym equipment, fitness equipment childrens park, childrens park equipment,park gym,park gym equipment.


A great exercise for two people - just like arm wrestling! Simply stand opposite your friend and turn the wheel against other.

One handle should hold the handle and turn in Clockwise counterclockwise. Hands should hold the handles and turn the body.Repeat this movement for about 10-15 minutes.


Great for developing upper body strength. Different sized wheels provide slightly different exercise or allow people of unequal strength to complete.


Hands should the handles firmly and too strength is forbidden in case of injury.


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