Model: LFP04

Dimension: L-16FT,H-10FT


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L-16FT,H-10FT I’m sure you all remember the old school slides made of metal that would scorch the back of your legs on a hot day. Well today, most of them are made of heavy duty plastic.

SPIRAL SLIDE with ladder on one side and spiral slider on other side with below specifications:

  1. 1.Dimensions (L×W×H): 3000×1500×2100 mm (Excluding hand rails)
  3. 2. Fabricated with main posts of NB 80 mm, slide support with NB 32 mm pipe.
  5. 3. Ladders and hand rails with NB 25 mm pipe.
  7. 4.Slides using fibre reinforced plastic for slides to be in single piece as per standard shape by properly stiffening at both ends and at every 300 mm across with properly breezing and fixing to the structures with nut and bolts| welding etc

5. Slide ends be bent suitably for safe landing, all complete as per specifications, drawings and as directed by engineer-in-charge.

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